Gearhead Engineering Academy


A person who pursues mechanical or technological interests.

– Merriam Webster

“When preparing engineers to succeed in Industry 4.0, hands-on learning is key.”

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Current educational system is outdated, in fact it was designed for the 1st Industrial revolution, students are being trained to find the value of X without focusing on the process. We at Gearhead helps to provide affordable but quality engineering education both for students and professionals by promoting critical thinking and latest trends to cope up with the fast paced engineering and technology advancement.


To bridge the gap of education and practice thru hands-on engineering learning.


To provide world-class engineering education.

“Beyond conventional learning, more than just finding X.”

– DSF, Gearhead CEO and Co-Founder

Registered Mechanical Engineer
Member, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)
Lead Mechanical Design Engineer, Line Seiki Co., Ltd.
Former Lecturer, PRIME Mechanical Engineering Review Center – Manila
Founder and Educator, STEM wisdom
Technical Trainer, Mechanical Design
Technical Speaker, PSME National and Technical Conferences
Board of Director, PSME Mechanical Design and Fabrication Technical Division